Giao dịch các sản phẩm tài chính trên ký quỹ có chứa rủi ro cao và không phù hợp với mọi nhà đầu tư. Vui lòng đảm bảo rằng bạn đã hiểu rõ các rủi ro và quản lý tốt rủi ro của mình.

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Skilling Ltd, được quản lý bởi Ủy ban Chứng khoán và Giao dịch Síp (CySEC) theo giấy phép CIF số 357/18

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Skilling (Seychelles) Ltd, được cấp phép và quản lý bởi Cơ quan Dịch vụ Tài chính (FSA) theo giấy phép số SD042

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Free Educational Ebook:
Know the markets.
Succeed in trading.

A complete starter guide into market analysis to help you understand, analyze and trade the markets.


“This e-book made me look at trading from a whole new angle - my angle.


Magnus Carlsen

Norwegian chess grandmaster and the current World Chess Champion, World Rapid Chess Champion, and World Blitz Chess Champion.
FIDE rating: 2882.

Successful trading starts with skillful analysis

The best traders are those who know how to read the chessboard of the markets and apply analysis to forecast the market’s next moves. Get started today, with Skilling’s free e-book that transfers common chess philosophy to trading analysis to help you read the markets and plan successful trades.

What’s inside:

The Art and Science of Analysis
Introduction to market analysis and its importance for successful trading.

The Chessboard of the Markets
Deep dive into fundamental analysis; its key drivers and indicators.

The Technical Pieces
Crash course in Technical Analysis with cheat sheets to patterns & indicators.

From the Board to the Markets
How to apply market analysis to your up your trading skills


What you’ll learn:

  • Learn the basics of market analysis
  • Know how to read the markets
  • Plan trades using technical analysis
  • Trade like a Grandmaster!
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Now is as much the time to discover chess as it is to discover trading.

I have long thought about ways to apply mental skills and have found that much of my innate abilities and learnt skills can be very easily applied to online trading.

For me it’s all about the thrill of trying to make good decisions, to make better decisions based on having the same data as everyone else. Knowing the chess board of the market is where it all starts and evolves. And that, just like chess, takes analysis and preparation.



What will your next move be?