Negociar produtos financeiros com margem envolve um alto grau de risco e não é indicado para todos os investidores. Certifique-se de compreender totalmente os riscos e de tomar o devido cuidado para gerenciá-los.



Skilling Ltd é regulamentada pela Comissão de Valores Mobiliários do Chipre (CySEC) sob a licença CIF nº 357/18


Skilling (Seychelles) Ltd é autorizada e regulamentada pela Financial Services Authority (FSA) sob a licença nº SD042


Tipos de contas

Nós oferecemos uma variedade de diferentes contas dependendo de sua experiência e
estilo de trading. Escolha a conta que melhor atende as suas necessidades e comece a operar.


Skilling Standard account is the ideal type for beginners. It’s a 0 commission account available on Skilling trader and Skilling cTrader, with spreads from 0.7.
The starting deposit is $100 and the leverage for retail is 1:500.


Skilling premium account differs from the standard one mainly on the spreads (from 0.1) and it has commissions associated with it if the volume surpasses the million. Given the low spreads, the starting deposit is higher (5,000 €). Available on Skilling Trader, Skilling cTrader and MT4.


Metatrader 4 (or MT4) is the most famous trading platform for forex retail traders. It has been developed for any type of trader but especially within the forex community it has a 90% of market share. It is now available at Skilling for Web, Desktop, Android or iOS.

If you decide to use the web option, then you won’t need to download metatrader. But if you do prefer the desktop version, you can download it directly from Skilling.

Corporate (Entity) accounts

Normally all accounts opened with Skilling are regarded as Retail accounts.
A retail account in trading is the type of account used by individual traders, where they trade financial instruments with a personal account. However, it’s also possible to open a Corporate account with Skilling.

The Corporate account will be opened in the name of a legal entity, and then it will be categorized as seen fit according to the account-types above. I.e, it can be either a Standard, Premium or MT4 account, and obviously the Professional status can be applied if the criterias are met.