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Get insights on key management principles from Dean Smith, Aston Villa Head Coach and Manager of the Month Dec 2020
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Successful Trading hinges on having a plan

Management and preparation is the name of the game. Success in football depends on effective planning and management that first defines the game strategy, creates the plan, and with continuous preparation drives the team to its next big win.
The Trading Game Plan ebook will teach you how to plan your trade, and then trade it as it is.

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What's inside?

“The Foundations of a Solid Trade Plan”
A comprehensive overview of the elements of a trade plan.

“All you need to know about Money Management”
A deep dive into what makes for great performance and successful trading.

“How to Game the Trade”
A step-by-step guide to set up your plan and process.

Management insights from Dean Smith
A look at how he manages Villa and how you can apply his methods to trading.

How to Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan
A trade plan template that can help you get started.

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eBook Takeaways

You’ll get the full M.O. on successful trading, plus tips and tricks, and every wise saying to get you off on the right foot in the markets.

  • The foundations of building a trade plan
  • How money management is key to success
  • How to apply money management
  • How to limit losses,and when to walk away
  • How to create a trade plan!

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Excerpt from Dean Smith’s Interview

Maturity is the End Goal. The road map to maturity is unequivocally and always outlined with a game plan.

Player maturity is my objective as a team manager. That underlies the way we manage games now. Mature players can smell the opportunity and have the confidence to take it and move to score. It’s not only about winning, it’s about developing players.To do that players need to get their minutes out on the field. The more minutes a player has on the field the better they can adapt - and that makes for some really accomplished finishes and there is really nothing better than seeing excellent team performance.

Dean Smith

It's game time

Time to get planning and make the best of your game!

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