Trading financial products on margin carries a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take appropriate care to manage your risk.

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When you trade indices, you can gain exposure to a group of shares as opposed to isolated stocks, allowing exposure to an entire sector or economy with just opening one single trade.

Trade Index CFDs
Volatility in indices

Volatility in indices depends on that experienced by the equities which form the index. Although some are more volatile than others, generally indices are the least manipulable financial assets. Indices do not go bankrupt or dissolve, whereas stocks can.

Diversified risk

If you hold positions on an index and some of the stocks move in the opposite direction, there will still be a large portion of the investment which will be intact. Over time, for most indices the trend is positive in the long run. But this doesn’t prevent the index from going under in the short term, and specially during market crashes.

How to trade index CFDs
  • Consider the ripple effects of stock pricing pressures and supply disruptions
  • Capitalise on market volatility by going long or short with index CFDs
  • Diversify your portfolio by trading across different asset classes

The world’s most active stock market indices

Trade in a market where volatility is always on.
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Singapore Index is on its way down

Singapore Index has experienced an exceptionally large amount of consecutive bearish candles to reach a price of 299.7000 in the last 8 days.

GOLD is on its way up

GOLD has experienced an exceptionally large movement higher by 6.21% from 1,789.32 to 1,909.46 in the last 23 days.

Huge bullish move on EURSEK

EURSEK has moved higher by 2.29% from 10.234 to 10.467 in the last 16 days.

Where is AUDCAD moving to?

A movement of 2.44% over 19 days on AUDCAD doesn’t go unnoticed.

USDSEK is on its way down

USDSEK has experienced an exceptionally large movement lower by 5.56% from 9.914 to 9.42 in the last 15 days.


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