Trading financial products on margin carries a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take appropriate care to manage your risk.



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Disclaimer: Trading cryptocurrencies is not available to retail clients in the UK and China.

Instrument Minimum Trade Size Required Investment (USD) Original Spread Discounted Spread
0.01 178.53 280 160 Trade Now
0.2 50.57 17 8 Trade Now
0.2 137.14 45 21 Trade Now
0.5 37.98 5.5 2.5 Trade Now
200 29.99 0.019 0.08 Trade Now
0.5 30.05 6 3 Trade Now
0.5 38.40 5 2.5 Trade Now
200 48.47 0.03 0.015 Trade Now
NEO icon
5 65.68 1 0.5 Trade Now
EOS icon
10 13.92 0.13 0.06 Trade Now
Note: this table features trade size minimums to enter crypto trades. Please keep in mind that minimum deposit on Standard accounts is $100.

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Why Trade Crypto CFDs?

Take advantage of price fluctuations without purchasing the underlying crypto asset. Speculate and capitalise on the movement of crypto prices regardless of the direction they swing.

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No capital restrictions that come with buying the underlying asset


Lower commissions in the form of spreads


Ability to set take profit and stop loss levels


Trading with leverage enables you to hold larger positions than the cash you have at your disposal


You are trading a contract, which can be executed immediately.

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