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Top energy stocks

Top energy stocks image representation with an energy factory

Top Energy Stocks

The global energy market is at something of a crossroads. With supply increasingly constrained because of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the drive for renewables, interest in energy stocks has intensified in recent months. Many leading energy companies have reported unprecedented, hefty profits, with sky-high rates hitting domestic and commercial customers hard in the pocket while turbocharging their bottom lines.

What energy stocks have seen their share prices rise most and who are the biggest energy firms on the planet in 2022?

Top Performing Energy Stocks

In the last month, Petrobras has seen its share price rise highest by a staggering 21.37%. This is a substantial sum given that its market capitalisation totalled over £80 billion. The Brazilian state-run energy giant comfortably improved upon its forecasted earnings for Q2 2022, which jumped 65.4% year-on-year. In addition, the company declared record-high dividend payments to shareholders at a price of £1.09 per share.

For the period ending June 2022, Petrobras surprised most Wall Street analysts with a reported earnings per share 36.8% above estimates.

Top performing energy stocks

American energy firm ConocoPhillips has seen a similarly successful month, with its share price soaring by 20.92%. It’s also sky-rocketed by 84.83% in the last 12 months. The Houston-based firm, which specialises in hydrocarbon exploration and production, posted Q2 2022 revenues at 115% higher year-on-year (£18.63bn), topping all analyst forecasts. ConocoPhillips is leading the way in the Texan “Energy Corridor” to accelerate the energy transition pathway towards more sustainable sources, with an ambition to have net-zero operational emissions of its own.

Norwegian oil and gas firm Equinor has also seen its share price reach record-high levels in 2022, with a year-on-year rise of 76.73%. One of the main reasons behind its rise is its potential to fill the void left by Russia, which has effectively turned off the tap to its gas supplies throughout mainland Europe.

For the period ending in June 2022 Equinor reported 11.415 billion in revenue, which was 3.27% higher than estimates.

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LG Energy Solution Struggles Over the Last Year

South Korean storage battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution was one of the only energy stocks to see its share price move backwards in the last 12 months. Its share price has fallen 8.81% in the last year, despite having bold ambitions to become the market leader for green energy storage in the automotive sector. The firm manufactures large lithium-ion battery cells and packs for electric vehicles (EVs). However, the increasing likelihood of an economic recession and continued stagflation has seen analysts grow bearish on the near-term prospects for EVs and the increased demand for green energy storage.

Glencore Share Price Jumps Up By 18.69% In the Last Month

Alongside the rock-solid performance of Petrobras and ConocoPhillips, Glencore also saw its share price move bullishly upwards by 18.69% in the last month. Anglo-Swiss corporation Glencore is one of the world’s leading producers and marketers of commodities, including zinc, copper, grain and oil. The surging price of coal was one of the main drivers behind its bumper profits for the six months to June 2022, which defied analyst expectations of £15.58bn and reached highs of £16bn – 119% up year-on-year. Glencore remains well-placed to meet the demand for fossil fuels in the coming months too.

PetroChina Sees 6.39% Fall In the Last Month

In the last month, only PetroChina has seen its share price decline, posting a 6.39% fall. The publicly listed arm of the state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation, PetroChina has experienced regulatory issues in the US where it is currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). However, the increasing scrutiny from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding its auditing has seen PetroChina take the decision to voluntarily delist its shares from the NYSE, worsening trading ties between the US and China.

Top 5 Companies by Market Cap

Biggest Energy Companies By Market Cap

When it comes to the biggest players in the global energy market, one company is streets ahead of the rest in terms of its market capitalisation. Saudi Aramco, majority-owned by the Government of Saudi Arabia, is the most valuable energy firm on the planet. Its market cap currently stands at an eye-watering £1.92 trillion.

That’s followed by other oil conglomerates ExxonMobil (£316bn), Chevron Corporation (£253bn) and Shell (£159bn).

For the period ending June 2022, Exxon beat Wall Street analyst earnings and revenue expectations.


These figures just go to show the importance of countries developing their own national energy strategies, with the war in Ukraine wreaking havoc on energy supplies and reinforcing the overreliance on Russian gas and oil. The fact that the biggest energy firms by market cap are oil firms also underlines that global oil demand has not yet reached its peak.


  • We gathered stock price difference and market cap data from Yahoo Finance to compare performance of the top 20 energy companies worldwide
  • Currency converted using Google Finance as of 16/08/2022

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