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Become a strategy provider | Skilling

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Any trader with a Skilling cTrader account can become a Strategy Provider and share trading strategies. In return, Strategy Providers have the ability to earn from the fees they choose to charge from Investors/Followers.

Becoming a Strategy Provider is straightforward and the account put forth as a strategy must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Positive balance on the strategy account
  • More than -90.00% all timeROI
  • At least 1 executed trade within the last 30 days
  • An additional account to receive fees (will be created upon request to Skilling Support Team)

Providing a strategy

To become a Strategy Provider, select the trading account from the Accounts list that you find on the left and click it. The Account Profile will expand to the right.

Note that providing Demo strategies to be followed does not enable you to charge fees to Investors/Followers because a demo strategy account uses only virtual funds .

To start providing your strategy to other traders, click Become Strategy Provider on the upper right side of your account profile.

The Become a Strategy Provider form will pop up. In this form you need to specify:

Strategy Name:

The name of your strategy that will be displayed to the other Investors in the Strategies list, and so it has to be unique.


  • Min. Investment - the minimum amount of funds required to start copying the strategy.
  • Volume Fee - an amount you will charge your followers per deal (max 10 USD per million USD).
  • Performance Fee - a percentage fee charged on Net profit made using a High-Water Mark model (max 30%).
  • Management Fee - an annual percentage fee charged for managing the strategy (max 10%), calculated from Followers equity.


  • Allow Copying To: this option allows you to choose who can see and copy the strategy - Everyone, or Traders with Invitation Links only.
  • Show Positions To: this option allows you to choose who can see your open positions - Everyone, your copiers only, or nobody.

Fee account:

You will need a separate account in which you will be receiving all copy-related fees. Please contact customer support, and Skilling will create that account for you. This must be done before you can start providing your strategy.


You can add a description of your strategy. This description will be visible to the Investors in the Strategy Profile.

When done, click Become a Strategy Provider to confirm your action.

Please note that only 300 Live and 300 Demo accounts per broker can copy a strategy simultaneously. If the maximum number of followers is reached, then no new followers can start following the strategy. This limit has been imposed to ensure that all followers’ positions will be copied in a reasonable amount of time and that any discrepancy between execution prices between the strategy provider and the followers will be minimized.

Managing a strategy

If you click your account (which provides the strategy) in the Accounts list, it will expand the Strategy profile to the right where you can view the details and manage your strategy. In the heading, you will see all basic details of your strategy displayed:

  • Strategy name
  • All Time ROI percentage
  • Total profit of the strategy in Pips
  • Number of copiers currently following the strategy
  • Strategy age from the moment it started being provided


In addition to the standard charts and tables mentioned in the Account and Strategy Profile section, you are also able to see your personal strategy details in the Provider’s Analytics section:

  1. Total Commissions Acquired - a total amount of all the commissions you have earned from fees charged to the copiers in the account currency.
  2. Total Number of Copiers - the total number of followers/investors who have been following the strategy.
  3. Average Number of Copiers per Day - the number of traders following the strategy daily. It is calculated by dividing all the copiers by the number of days from the account’s age.
  4. Total Volume Copied - the total copied volume in USD.
  5. Average Volume Copied per Day - total Volume Copied divided by the number of days from the strategy age.
  6. Total Amount of Capital Copying (Live) - an amount of funds in USD being copied at the moment by Live followers.
  7. Average Funds Copying per Day (Live) - an average amount of funds being copied daily by Live followers.
  8. Total Number of Deals Copied - a total amount of the tradescopied since the inception of the strategy.

Clicking on the Strategy Providers name will provide a pop-up that contains additional details on the strategy account.

ccopy 3

If you would like to change the fees or visibility options while providing a strategy, you have to stop it first, and when stopping a strategy, all followers will automatically stop copying. They will have to restart copying after the strategy is started again!

To stop providing a strategy to change the strategy settings (like: sharing options, minimum investment, edit fees, or customize the strategy description), click onStop Providing Strategy, or the Strategy Settings button in the top right corner.

If you have stopped sharing a strategy you can restart it by clicking the Strategy Settings. If you are not going to share it anymore, you can remove it completely by clicking the trash bin icon.

Inviting investors to follow your strategy

Once you’ve set up your strategy, it’s now ready to be followed. You can share your strategies with Investors/Followers in two ways:

  1. Share with all traders without any restrictions (your strategy will be visible to all potential Followers in the Strategies list).
  2. Share with selected Followers with invitation links only. With this option, you can generate direct links to your strategy and share with anyone you choose.

Direct links to a strategy can be generated from the sharing menu at the top of your Strategy profile.

Not investment advice. Past performance does not guarantee or predict future performance.

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