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Skilling launches VIX and 7 soft commodity CFDs


The VIX index along with 7 of the world’s most popular soft commodities - Coffee, Cotton, Sugar, Cocoa, Corn, Soybean, Wheat - have been added to Skilling’s CFD offering.

Skilling is always in tune with the markets and strives to provide clients with access to top-moving instruments that they can add to their trading portfolio. The additions come as a result of the increasing importance of these instruments across global markets.

These products are becoming more important than ever on the global scene especially with major supply disruptions leading to historically higher prices for a number of soft commodities and ever increasing volatility across markets.

About the VIX Index

VIX is a volatility index that represents the relative strength of the S&P 500’s near-term price. It gauges market sentiment and provides forward-looking insights into the stock market.

Based on stock market reactions, the VIX is a great tool for assessing the market and detecting opportunities in stocks.

Why soft commodities are key for traders

Commodity CFDs allow you to trade the price of these commodities without owning the underlying commodities - imagine having truckloads of e.g. coffee beans being delivered to your doorstep! CFD trading allows you to:

  • Hedge positions in commodities against exposure in the cash (spot) market,
  • Assume a position in a commodity product without holding the underlying asset or,
  • Speculate on the commodities market.

Whichever your preference, trade them all with excellent conditions and superior execution at Skilling.

Note: VIX and Soft Commodities are an automatic rollover product.

Not investment advice. Past performance does not guarantee or predict future performance.

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