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Skilling ist stolzer Sponsor der Skilling Open-Schachmeisterschaft
vom 22. bis 30. November.

Schauen Sie die Skilling Open - das weltweit erste vollständig online verfügbare Schachturnier. Wo können Sie das Turnier schauen? Suchen Sie nicht weiter! Genießen Sue die Spiele live und direkt über Skilling!

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With millions of spectators having tuned in around the world Skilling Open has been one of the most widely watched opening tours in the history of chess!

Skilling is honoured to have supported the opening of the Champions Chess Tour. The Skilling Open ushers in a new era for chess that sees the game becoming accessible to anyone looking to learn, play and compete - just in the same way that Skilling strives to provide accessibility to the financial markets while also making trading simple for anyone who is looking to get started!

Skilling Open may have come to a close, but markets start fresh every day!

Discover financial markets and trading with Skilling. Skilling provides access to currency and multi-asset trading across more than 800 financial instruments and across three trading platforms. With Skilling you can trade on the world’s most popular markets: trade CFDs on forex, indices, stocks, cryptos, and commodities like gold, silver and oil.

You can trade over 800 Instruments, including: